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SMS has been used as a communication and marketing medium for more than two decades now and it’s popularity has been increasing over time.

Why is SMS marketing material?

  • Aside from the reliability of SMS messaging, texts are quick, cost- effective and results can very quickly be analyzed. It’s efficient, easy to set up the connection can be made through one single API
  • Once the integration has been done it becomes pretty simple to customize your campaigns/messages based on your clientele which will have an almost immediate impact on responses and sales opportunities

A Simple SMS Service is a communication tool that allows businesses and organizations to send text messages directly to individuals’ mobile phones. These messages are typically short, text-only, and are used for a variety of purposes such as alerts, reminders, marketing, and customer engagement.




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Sends messages directly to a recipient's mobile phone.

  1. SMS messages have a high open rate compared to emails.

Limited to 160 characters, encouraging concise communication.

Ability to send messages to a large number of recipients simultaneously.

Option to schedule messages for future delivery.

Allows recipients to reply, facilitating interaction.

Provides analytics on delivery status and engagement.

Benefits of Simple SMS Service:

Ensures rapid delivery and high visibility.

Reaches people without the need for internet access or smartphone apps.

Generally more affordable than other forms of mass communication.

Due to the personal nature of SMS, messages tend to have a higher engagement rate.

Ideal for conveying urgent or important information succinctly.

Can be personalized to increase relevance and impact.

Using the service can make workflows faster and more productive, reducing the need for manual management by staff.

The service enables tracking of messages with delivery receipts that allows your application to show the exact time each message was delivered to the customer’s handset.

The service provides direct access to the SMS gateway, which means you also have access to enhanced speed and reliability.

In the digital marketing domain, the Simple SMS Service offers several distinct benefits:

Direct and Personalized Engagement

SMS allows marketers to send personalized messages directly to a customer's mobile phone. This personal touch can significantly increase engagement and customer loyalty.

High Open and Read Rates

SMS messages boast high open rates compared to email, with most messages read within minutes of receipt. This ensures that marketing messages are seen and read by a large percentage of the target audience.

Immediate Delivery and Response

SMS messages are delivered instantly, and responses can be received in real-time. This immediacy is invaluable for time-sensitive promotions and offers.

Wide Reach

With the vast majority of the population owning mobile phones, SMS marketing can reach a broad audience, including those without access to the internet or smartphones.


Compared to other marketing channels, SMS marketing is relatively low-cost, making it an excellent option for businesses with smaller marketing budgets

High Conversion Rates

Due to its direct nature and high engagement, SMS marketing often leads to higher conversion rates than other digital marketing channels.

Easy Integration with Other Marketing Channels

SMS can be easily integrated with other digital marketing strategies, creating a cohesive and multi-faceted campaign approach.

Targeted Marketing

SMS services often allow segmentation and targeting, meaning messages can be tailored to specific groups, increasing relevance and effectiveness.

Analytics and Tracking

SMS platforms typically offer analytics, allowing marketers to track delivery rates, open rates, and response rates, which aids in measuring the effectiveness of campaigns and making data-driven decisions

Non-Intrusive yet Attention-Grabbing

While less intrusive than a phone call, an SMS is more likely to grab attention than an email, striking a balance between respect for the consumer’s space and effective communication

SMS: Direct & Powerful Marketing

In the realm of digital marketing, SMS is a powerful tool for directly reaching and engaging customers, providing an efficient, cost-effective, and highly effective channel for marketing communications.

Simple SMS Use Cases

Automotive Industry
E-Commerce Industry
Retail Industry

Sender ID Registration

Sender ID registration involves setting up a unique alphanumeric identifier that appears as the sender’s name in SMS messages, replacing a traditional phone number, to establish brand identity and ensure message authenticity.


  • Essential for Branding and Trust: Sender ID serves as a unique identifier, appearing as the sender’s name, enhancing brand recognition.
  • Replaces Anonymous Numbers: Instead of sending SMS from a random number, the Sender ID displays a chosen name, making the message source clear to recipients.
  • Prevents Spam: Helps in distinguishing legitimate messages from spam, enhancing message credibility.
  • Ensures Compliance: Complies with telecommunications regulations, avoiding legal issues related to SMS marketing.
  • Verification Process: Businesses undergo a verification process with service providers to register their Sender ID.
  • Builds Consistent Brand Identity: A registered Sender ID contributes to a consistent brand image in all SMS communications.
  • Enhances Message Credibility: Increases the likelihood of messages being read and acted upon by recipients.
  • Important for Audience Recognition: Helps recipients immediately recognize who the message is from, which is crucial for effective communication.

These points succinctly cover the importance and benefits of Sender ID registration in the context of SMS marketing.


Automotive Industry:

The Challenge

Automotive companies want to convert and re-engage end-of- funnel prospects who are no longer responding to traditional email communication.

Our Solution

  • Telecel Global helps Automotive companies set up hyper- customized Rich SMS campaigns, gathering information from different sources in the company’s IT systems.
  • The platform is then connected to Adobe Campaign to target the customers with hyper-customized campaigns.
  • Customers receive these campaigns offers based on the information collected, including the model, price, color, and directions to the nearest dealer to finalize their purchase.

E-Commerce Industry

The Challenge

Most E-commerce platforms want to test innovative channels (RCS) to improve the conversion rate of their mobile marketing campaign.

Our Solution

  • Telecel Global has developed an RCS agent allowing E-commerce platforms to highlight their operations thanks to enriched formats (image, video, button) inserted directly into a messaging app.
  • Thanks to this new format, end-users can quickly understand the purpose of the message. The channel improved the performance of the campaign compared to simple SMS.

Retail Industry

The Challenge

Most firms that deal with retail want to improve the performance of their biggest SMS campaign of the year.

Our Solution

  • Telecel Global provides its SaaS platform to any retail-oriented firm, connecting them to Selligent, their Campaign Management Platform, through a simple API.
  • Our team uses their knowledge to help firms create, send, and track the results of a dedicated Rich SMS campaign to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign.
  • An analysis is then carried out with the help of Telecel Global’s data team to understand the impact of the campaign in terms of sales.

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